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Welcome to Dosa And Chutney

South Indian & Sri Lankan Family Restaurant
Sri Lankan Flavours

Discover authentic Sri Lankan dishes, rich in history and tradition. Each dish tells a story of the island's diverse culture.

Food and Community

Experience how Sri Lankan cuisine brings people together. We serve our dishes with warmth and hospitality, just like back home

Filled with love

Our recipes are crafted with care and empathy. We strive to bring comfort and joy to our customers with every dish we serve.

South Indian Spice

Explore the rich flavours of South Indian cuisine, a fusion of spices and ingredients that's full of unique and bold flavours

Community Dining

Experience the joy of communal dining in South Indian style. Our restaurant is the perfect place for families and friends to gather and share a meal.

Passionate Cooking

Our chefs cook with passion and dedication to bring you the most authentic South Indian flavors. Every dish is made with fresh ingredients and traditional techniques.

What Makes Our Menus Special ?

Quality Fresh Ingredients

Experience top-quality, locally-sourced, fresh ingredients for a delicious, satisfying meal

Real Tastes Delight

Savor delightful, true South Indian flavors with cherished recipes and rich spices.

Active Environment Care

We actively work to reduce waste, conserve energy, and protect our environment.

Transparent Clear Recipes

We proudly share our recipes and ingredient sources, promoting trust and healthy choices.